Rebuttal of Chromosome 2 Fusion Research from the Institute of Creation Research



While humans have 23 chromosome pairs, chimpanzees and other great apes have 24. A popular theory for this difference between us and our closest relatives is that, when we broke away from the shared ape ancestor, chromosomes 2a and 2b fused into one. There is a rather convincing amount of evidence for this hypothesis; however, there also exists a fair amount of evidence that brings this hypothesis into question. Dr. Jeffrey Tomkins, from the Institute for Creation Research, believes that the evidence against the chromosome fusion is conclusive. He asserts that there is far too much variation between how we would expect our fused chromosome 2 to look, and how it actually looks. Dr. Tomkins believes that this is evidence that humans and other great apes were genetically distinct since creation and did not evolve from a common ancestor. —


Dr. Tomkins’ main claim is that the chromosomal fusion…

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