The GOP and NEW WORLD ORDER Conspiracy Theorist have Mislead and miseducated about the History of NAFTA. Correcting the Record, Some Links from the Archives

​I think the Saddest part is Finding Voters on Facebook who Oppose NAFTA Vehemently but Blame Clinton for Signing it and don’t know the full History.  I had to reach into the C-SPAN archive’s at one point when a Right Leaning Female showed up in a debate and SHOW her the Debate Rchard Gephardt (D) Had on it and that  Grichard gephardt (D) had voted AGAINST  NAFTA and Launched most of the arguments against it. Most people in the country didn’t Watch what Was going on. NAFTA Was negotiated and took 3 Presidencies to pass and started back under Ronald Reagan and was largely Drafted and Amended by Republican Majorities in congress.,3600693,2563313

Most people following the Coverage Only saw the Gore VS Perot Debate.

And Broder as awful as he was Was right the Media hyped the Wrong debate.

the GOP did a WONDERFUL job on their SPIN and DISINFORMATION on that one. The GOP has be Rhetorically MASTERFUL at declaring issues like this “Settled” because “Bill Clinton” “voted for it” Therefore “That’s the Final word”

However the conclusion doesn’t follow from the Premise and that is in fact NOT the Final word and was NOT settled

You want to know who was REALLY against NAFTA? The republicans were FOR IT . Phil GRAMM was FOR IT

Who was AGAINST it?

Dick gephardt.

That’s what the RECORD says.

and yet Somehow EVERY TIME I get PULLED into debates with “Conspiratorial” Supporters of the GOP  Or republicans this little Bit is  OMITTED, not brought up, or is simply Erased

unfortunately with the “Truth movement” and Ongoing Conspiracy theories I have no choice but to address this kind of bullshit,

It is immaterial and Irrelevant that Bill Clinton signed NAFTA. Reagan Started the ball.

Origins of NAFTA: Ronald Reagan and the North American Union

There’s your “Saint”  the GOD of “small government” or whatever you Revere so much Starting a bill you hate

Misinformation still continues about these matters.

Somebody Lied to you, and sometimes the Sin of Omission is worse than lying.

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